I cannot imagine a day without creating. I’m devoted to exploration and delivering unique solutions that blend science with imagination.

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From WordPress plugins, web mapping, JavaScript and PHP, I build web applications users love to explore.

Leaning heavily on form and membership plugins offered in WordPress, I brought an MVP to fruition. LifeWritr encourages subscribers to catalog the important pieces of their lives in case of an emergency; so their loved ones don’t have to hunt for important documentation.

My virtual clock that offers a captivating experience by showing the direction to the planets in the sky. One of the most beautiful experiences I developed is a website that generates a stylized Milky Way in a deep blue sea of stars. And another where you can choose the color of your sky.

Driven by a passion for data visualization, I created a cutting-edge display untangling the light of the Sun. Using one of the deepest datasets measuring the spectra of the Sun, the visualization enables deeper understanding. Another visualization delves into NASA’s budget over the past 60 years.

Embracing the latest technologies, I developed engaging Alexa skills that not only entertain, but also delight users with intriguing Sun facts or witty medieval insults (coming soon).

Join me on this extraordinary journey as we explore the boundaries of technology and imagination.

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