National Solar Observatory Website

Client: NSO
Services: Coder | Creator | Web Design | Web Development | WordPress
Role: Developer/Designer/Writer
Type: Web Design | Web Development
Year: 2017

National Solar Observatory was created in the 1960s to study the Sun and its effects on Earth. They needed a website redesign. They were struggling with editing the site in Drupal so I moved them to WordPress. We refactored the navigation and site structure to make more sense. I created a new theme and new graphics for the site.

Eclipse Map: One item that came out of creating a website for the 2017 total solar eclipse in North America was a Google map that showed the path of the eclipse. Using NASA’s base Javascript for this endeavor, I internalized the code so as to not depend on external sources of information. This sped up the load of the map. Some additional elements include a larger, more readable timetable upon click. The times given in the popup boxes were converted from UT to local time based on the map click. This makes reading the map much easier.