Through writing,
coding, and photography,
I have a passion
for storytelling;
especially sharing
the excitement
of space
and astronomy.


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I cannot imagine a day without creating something.

The stories I enjoy sharing the most revolve around nature and science, especially astronomy. Always outdoor as a kid, I explored the glaciated hills of northeastern Kansas. I marveled at the fossils, limestone caves, intense thunderstorms and a starry sky created by life away from the city.

I used to sit back in the grass as a kid and watch a few satellites fly over. I learned all the constellations and I fell in love with the stories my relatives and friends made up about the sky. I dreamed of being an astrophysicist or astronaut.

And then I discovered writing. After reading the works of Dava Sobel, Carl Sagan, John McPhee and Lewis Thomas, I realized my passion for science discovery could transform others’ desires to learn. I could take them on a journey that helped them understand the underlying beauty of the world around us.

I love exploring new places and just spending time in nature.

This passage from Robert MacFarland’s The Old Ways encompasses the idea.

“…seemed to me that the two questions we should ask of any strong landscape are these: firstly, what do I know when I am in this place that I can know nowhere else? And then, vainly, what does this place know of me that I cannot know of myself?“

While the passion for nature is tangible, for me the most important thing is creating. Through writing, graphic design, photography, data visualizations and web development, I want to share a story.

Some of my creations include a virtual clock that shows the direction to the planets in the sky, a physical puck to display basic health information, a data visualization helping untangle the light of the Sun, a Google map that tells you how high you need to be to see all four corners of a state, Alexa skills to feed you a fun Sun fact or dish out a medieval insult, an award-winning card game, a set of adult coloring books, hundreds of science articles, many dozens of websites, five children’s books and a blog full of poetry.