Client: LifeWritr
Services: Coder | Web Development | WordPress
Role: Developer/Designer
Type: Web Design | Web Development | Wordpress Development
Year: 2022
Leaning heavily on the content management, form and membership plugins offered in WordPress, I brought an MVP to fruition. LifeWritr encourages subscribers to catalog the important pieces of their lives in case of an emergency; so their loved ones don’t have to hunt for important documentation.

For the membership piece, I used Memberpress, creating a solid way to allow users to try the service before they buy. MemberPress also allowed us to create a path to upgrading a service adding even more value to the important offerings.

To handle the complex form management of this application, I chose Formidable Forms. The LifeWritrs can designate LifeReadrs, so a solid permissions scheme is in place to ensure that only the right people are allowed to see certain documents. And within a LifeWritr’s library of information, different LifeReadrs could be allowed into different sections. The whole library is customized for the LifeWritr.

To add even more flexibility, I created functions to allow LifeWritrs to write custom letters (for important events) and schedule them for release in the future.