Client: Self/ATLAS
Services: ATLAS | Coder | Creative Coding | Creator | D3.js
Role: Creator/Developer
Type: Creative Coding
Because I’m obsessed with astronomy and astronomical data  visualizations, I thought it would be fun to build some sort of  celestial clock. From suncalc.js, we can get not only sunrise, sunset,  moonrise and moonset but also the altitude and azimuth of those objects.  At the very least, I could build a clock that showed the current  azimuth (direction) in the sky that the Sun and Moon are. This concept  is inline with another site/app that I’ve been trying to build called  LODClock (length of day clock) that shows the incremental changes in day  length as the seasons progress.
  • position in sky of Sun and Moon
  • position in sky of other planets (nice to have)
  • the position of the sunrise
  • the position of the sunset
  • the lines could represent brightness (wish list)
  • maybe sky could change color depending on time of day or weather (wish list)