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Starry Nights

I have a passion for sharing stories and the beauty around us. I explore the boundaries between our technological and natural selves, cultivating a conversation about place, what we can learn when we linger in a certain place that we can know nowhere else and more importantly, what does a place teach us about ourselves that we can learn from no other source. For me, it means creating every day through writing, photographing the night skies and strong landscapes, and bringing awe and delight through technology to highlight aspects of the natural world.

Photography, particularly the night sky, fills me with joy. There’s nothing like sharing the story behind a photo, letting the silent voice of landscape flow through me so I can share the roar of life.

And just getting out in it all to experience nature and the people that enjoy it is even more so.

I can’t wait to do something exciting with you.

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— John

Days of Light