I talk about space,
design and all things web

I am Groot (spacey)

Ambassador what?

You don’t know what a Solar System Ambassador is? That’s OK.

If I’m being flip, I tell audiences that I’m among the first folks thrown up front if we’re contacted by aliens. I would gladly be that person. (though I’m not keen on having my head chomped off….would it taste like chicken? would an alien know what chicken tasted like?)

About 15 years ago, I discovered a group of volunteers organized by NASA JPL who shared the excitement of space exploration. I have talked to groups at schools, libraries, nature centers, museums, parks and other venues about everything from the Sun to Pluto and the farflung galaxies near the beginning of time. I love firing up the imaginations of audiences young and old.

From a business and marketing perspective, I help businesses find themselves on the Web. Through group talks, I guide executives with their blogs and social media. I recommend ways they can make their content sizzle. I’m not big on making disrupters. It may be popular but it’s not that fancy and it’s a sideshow; a distraction. New ideas are needed, no question. During our conversations, we’ll uncover strategies that will work for your company.

I’ve had deep conversations with CEOs, coffee with a few astronauts and once struck a conversation with a scientist who scuba dives under Antarctic ice.

I am a storyteller inspiring storymakers.

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