Project 5 Generator: Milky Way

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Milky Way Generator  

I refactored a piece from last year’s Creative Technologies course where I built a Milky Way generator in Processing. I had refactored it for p5.js for a personal/job piece but had not finished it.

New features of this version are using curveVertex to round out the edges of the Milky Way, an improved edge algorithm that uses perlinNoise to generate a smoother edge. I also tweaked the edge numbers trying to incorporate a galaxyBreadth feature so the galaxy would never expand past a certain point.

I added a sky color changer and a new sky button that would change the sky (like a refresh) without changing the sky color that you had chosen so if you found the perfect color, you could then search for the perfect sky. I had an issue adding a moon function but now that I think about it, I should have added it as a div element and controlled the toggle with that method. As it was, I could add many moons but the old ones would stay. I had explored adding perlin noise as a background but never could solve that.

So far, this final version is looking good and still one of the most beautiful things I’ve created.

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