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With more than 13 years designing websites and web applications, including two Adobe Sites of the Day, TerraZoom excels in taking client ideas and making
them dynamic and interesting sites for viewers to explore. Each site has a story to tell. An effective design and implementation will invite users to explore and become
part of the story.

Web Design/Development

CNE Boulder
Boulder's premiere fitness experts approached TerraZoom to redesign their aging site, to give it an updated look
and include special items such as fitness calculators, plugs into their cable show and their online store.

Award-winning WordPress site based on Gantry framework; template, graphics and CSS and Zoomify. Modified theme, created logo

Arriba Mi Negocio
Wordpress site based on Gantry framework with multi-language support using WPML plugin. Created theme, logo and overall information design.

Montagne Studio
Wordpress site based on Gantry framework for Colorado sculptor and artist. YouTube integration

EXN Engineering
Wordpress site based on Gantry framework. Custom vertical sliding menu.

Harmonic Media
Award-winning WordPress site; template, graphics and CSS

Other Sites: HarmoniBlog - WordPress template, graphics and CSS creation

Mapping Adventure
Wordpress template, GoogleMaps integration, graphics and CSS
Front Page Science
Wordpress template, RSS feeds, logo creation.
  Other sites to explore
GenerationsDNA - HTML template with CSS creation and ASP backend
Applicant Insight - HTML with CSS and Flash
NoMoreForms - HTML with CSS and Flash

GeoEye corporate website - Flash and XML, HTML and Zoomify

The main goal of this design was to show off the amazing imagery provided by GeoEye's constellation of satellites. The main area showing imagery was easily updateable through a simple XML file and the images rotated in a slideshow application

Please note: GeoEye took this site down during a recent redesign. Click on the image to see a larger representation.

GeoEye ImageryStore - ASP/VBScript tied to Oracle database with Flash and Zoomify

GeoEye prides themselves as a B2B company but this application reached out to a more consumer-oriented customer base. The store provided customers the ability to order posters of national parks, landmarks, cities and special areas, such as Area 51.

Please note: GeoEye took this site down during a recent redesign. Click on the image to see a larger representation.

GeoEye Gazetteer - ASP/JavaScript tied to Oracle database

I created the Gazetteer as a quick way to find imagery without having to go through the cumbersome search tool. Users simply entered their latitude and longitude, city or landmark and the application searched GeoEye's database for imagery matching their coordinates. Users could then see information describing the particulars of the image and contact customer service if they were interested in purchase.

Please note: GeoEye took this site down during a recent redesign. Click on the image to see a larger representation.

Flash Applications/Zoomify

Product viewer.
Zoomify Slideshow/Gallery with customized user interface.

Custom map viewer in Zoomify.
Custom user interface with advanced hotspot and dynamic hotspot creation. Clicking on icon at the bottom shows all locations of a certain attribute in the image, for example a restaurant or hospital.

Custom map viewer in Zoomify.
Customized, sortable dropdown is driven by XML.
Application features a customizable background color scheme, business color highlighting in Flash combo boxes and Google-like popup box to denote hotspots.

2006 Winter Olympics Explorer -
GeoEye wanted to create a website that would allow site visitors to roam around Turin, Italy,
the site of 2006 Winter Olympics. Both city and alpine areas were highlighted. The site incorporated flythroughs of the areas as well in GeoEye's first use of Flash-based video. The site used a combination of Flash and Zoomify. Adobe Site of the Day 22 Feb 2006

Please note: GeoEye took this site down during a recent redesign. Click on the image to see a larger representation.

GeoEye Top 10 2003 -
Flash and Zoomify. Adobe Site of the Day 21 Feb 2004


Every year GeoEye selected the best images from the preceding year for a special gallery. This application became the template for future galleries providing an easy to navigate menu, description and an image that a user could explore by zooming in and panning. All data is easily added and edited through an XML file, separating data from design in the Flash application.

Please note: GeoEye took this site down during a recent redesign. Click on the image to see a larger representation.

GeoEye Ancient Observatories- HTML, Flash ActionScript, XML and Zoomify

The inspiration for this idea came from a NASA emphasis for 2005s solstice activities centering around ancient observatories many of which had alignments to the sun's location on the first day of summer.

Web Mapping

MapPOD - MapPOD blends GeoEye and Yahoo!Maps or ESRI ArcWebServices together to create an easy-to-use image archive browsing tool. Flash was chosen as a platform for its dynamic rendering and low filesize. The application is also on the verge of being e-commerce driven but is not fully complete.

Other web mapping applications to explore
Zoomify Map with dynamic hotspot creation - Clicking on icon brings up particular businesses across map.
San Diego Condo Finder - Dynamic, colored hotspots allow viewers to get condo information by clicking the bubble.
FindLatLon - Uses Google Maps API to show accurate geo coordinates of any point.
Colorado 14ers
- Yahoo! Maps and XML showing Colorado’s 14ers location and information
Colorado 14ers - Google Maps and XML showing Colorado’s 14ers location and information
Coal Creek Canyon Real Estate Listings - Real estate listing displayed on Yahoo! Map
YahooMaps! PlaceFinder - simple locator for YahooMaps.

Eye Candy [Experiments]

Moon Phase Calculator - A fun experiment in calendar manipulation and dynamic masking.
IKONOS clock - How long has the IKONOS satellite been in orbit?

Other experiments in the hopper
more on the way

Graphic Design


Social Media Icons

Variety of icons for blogs and websites.

Booth Graphics

Recent example of booth design and implementation for Applicant Insight.

Hubble Star Cards Playing Card Game Design
Hubble Star Cards - The Hubble Star Card playing card game provides teachers and students a fun and exciting way to explore the universe using imagery from the orbiting telescope. The images on the cards motivate and engage students to read while developing strategies in learning about objects in space.

Logo Design

Generations DNA

Logo Design: Woman to Woman


Logo Design: ING Women's Network

ING approached TerraZoom for logo concepts for this internal network.

Magazine Cover Design
Magazine Layout

Magazine Cover Design


Digital Art/Photo Manipulations

Faraway Rising

An original Photoshop rendering

Fantastic Flowers

A fantastic sunflower manipulated in Photoshop


A photo-montage of a special angel.

One Place Fractal

A fractal rendering showing the only detail in an enormous fractal landscape. A special place indeed.

Sand Jam

A Photoshop rendering and mosaic. Entered in KBCO Studio C Vol. 12 Cover art contest.


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